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No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

Yvonne Ruperti 7 comments

Creamy, chocolaty, and best of bake! More

Easy Chocolate Tiramisu

Yvonne Ruperti 5 comments

Creamy, chocolatey, and a snap to make, this chocolate lover's tiramisu gets an extra pick me up with a shot of coffee liquor. More

Chocolate Blancmange

Yvonne Ruperti 1 comment

When un-molded, this creamy egg-less chocolate pudding has a barely set consistency. Served plated with cream and fresh berries, it makes an outstanding dinner party dessert. More

Coconut Cornflake Fried Ice Cream

Yvonne Ruperti Post a comment

A frozen ball of creamy ice cream awaits within a hot crispy shell. The only hard part is walking away from a pot of perfectly hot oil. More

Famous Wafer Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Yvonne Ruperti 2 comments

You won't believe how easy it is to create your own customized ice cream cake. Crushed chocolate wafers create a crunchy buttery shell that holds layers of luscious ice cream and chocolate cookies that soften just so. More

Malted Chocolate Milkshake

Yvonne Ruperti 1 comment

What's the secret to making a chocolate milkshake better? Add malt! A healthy dose of malted milk powder makes this milkshake taste like a frozen malted milk ball. More

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundae

Yvonne Ruperti 2 comments

If you can't resist best friends Mr. Peanut Butter and Ms. Chocolate, this re-creation of the Friendly's Ice Cream Shoppe classic is gonna rock your world. With gooey hot fudge, warm peanut butter, and chopped peanut butter cups, you might just want to forgo the ice cream all together. More

Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches

Yvonne Ruperti 9 comments

These easy to make classic ice cream sandwiches are the perfect make ahead gourmet ice cream dessert. The chocolate shortbread softens to just the right texture in the freezer and you can make them totally your own with your favorite ice cream. More

Crunchy Fried Chocolate Wontons

Yvonne Ruperti 2 comments

Wontons for dessert? You betcha. These crunchy chocolate filled envelopes are delicate, light as air, and dusted with sweet Chinese five spice. More

No-Bake Crispy Corn Flake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Yvonne Ruperti 23 comments

Crunchy cornflakes add a crisp, crackly texture to the already awesome combo of chocolate and peanut butter. And what makes these bars even better? You don't have to turn on your oven to make them. More

Double Dark Chocolate Granita

Yvonne Ruperti 7 comments

No ice cream maker? No problem! This frozen chocolate granita is the perfect dessert to cool you down and settle that chocolate fix. More

Homemade Hot Fudge

Yvonne Ruperti 13 comments

Hot fudge is the king of ice cream toppings, and this homemade version is such a snap that you'll never need to buy it in the jar again. More

Chocolate Dipped Almond Horns

Yvonne Ruperti 2 comments

These horseshoe-shaped crescents have a moist and chewy interior that yields under a crunchy almond coating. More

Chocolate Milk from Scratch

Liz Gutman 6 comments

This isn't so much a recipe as a guideline; start here and adjust to your personal taste. You can use whatever kind of milk is your favorite; I prefer 2%. Any sweetener is acceptable: honey, sugar, agave syrup, even maple syrup can work. Just remember that each has a different sweetness level. More

Homemade Graham Crackers for Fancy S'mores

Liz Gutman Post a comment

This recipe is adapted from one we use at Liddabit, which was in turn adapted from the recipe from Nancy Silverton found on Smitten Kitchen. More

Crispy Cocoa-Nib Tea Cookies

Liz Gutman 4 comments

I added nibs to this recipe adapted from The Essence of Chocolate; but you could also use any finely chopped nut or fruit you like. More

Homemade Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bars

Liz Gutman 4 comments

This recipe can be varied endlessly, but the basic rendition outlined below is always a winner. If you don't have wooden sticks handy, no worries—they just end up closer to an Eskimo Pie. I like to sprinkle a little sea salt on the chocolate as it sets up. More

Vegan Mocha Mousse

Liz Gutman 8 comments

The nuttiness of tofu provides a nice base for the rich chocolatiness and bitter edge of coffee in this mousse. The flavors play nicely together, but definitely don't bother making this if you're not a fan of tofu—there's no mistaking it. More

Chocolate Clay

Liz Gutman 3 comments

This chocolate "clay" is great for modeling freehand, pressing into molds, or even as a substitute for rolled fondant. More

Mint Meltaways

Liz Gutman 7 comments

This recipe calls for mint extract, but you can use any extract or oil you like - just add to taste. More

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