Ice Cream And Frozen Treats


Smoked Honey Mint Chip Ice Cream

Max Falkowitz 1 comment

How can you improve on mint chip ice cream made with fresh mint leaves? Add honey and a touch of smoke. More

Smoked Muscavado Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream

Max Falkowitz Post a comment

Like the flavors of raw sugar and vanilla? Wait until you add an element of smoke. More

Blackberry Icebox Pie From 'Fruitful'

Emma Kobolakis Post a comment

Icebox pie is one of those make-ahead treats that you can look forward to all day, knowing that a cold slice is waiting for you when you get home. Fruitful's icebox pie is a cloud of blackberry whipped cream set atop a condensed milk custard, all packaged in a graham cracker crust. The super-sweet custard is a pleasant surprise, hidden under purple clouds of berry cream, and the graham cracker crust adds a delightful toasty note. More

Blackberry Brown Sugar Frozen Yogurt

Max Falkowitz 2 comments

A sweet, deceptively complex frozen yogurt that layers rich blackberries with brown sugar and a touch of clove. More

Raspberry Campari Frozen Yogurt

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Campari and orange zest emphasize raspberry's subtleties for a sweet-tart frozen yogurt with a slight bitter finish. More

Orange Creamsicle Frozen Yogurt

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The classic creamsicle gets an upgrade with tangy yogurt and a big jolt of orange zest to bolster the fruit's bittersweet citrus edge. More

The Best (and Easiest) Frozen Yogurt

Max Falkowitz 8 comments

The best frozen yogurt is also the easiest to make. It's just full-fat yogurt and sugar, and churns up into a creamy yet fresh-tasting frozen dessert that does justice to all of yogurt's natural tangy flavors. More

Strawberry Shortcake on Steroids

Ideas in Food 2 comments

Inspired by classic strawberry shortcake, this reinvented version is made with three forms of strawberry (macerated, powdered, pudding), features ginger-and-lemongrass-flavored choux pastry puff, and is topped with light, refreshing buttermilk granita. It's not traditional, but it is an explosion of flavors and textures that's absolutely worth making. More

Cool and Refreshing Buttermilk Granita

Ideas in Food 4 comments

This granita made from buttermilk is light and refreshing, with soft crystals of ice softly melting on your tongue. It's what snowflakes should taste like when we catch them in our mouths. It also requires no special equipment: A freezer and a fork are all you need. More

The Best Homemade Chocolate Dip (aka Magic Shell)

Max Falkowitz 8 comments

Is Magic Shell, the ice cream topping that hardens into a chocolate candy shell, the world's greatest ice cream topping? I can't say for sure, but it's definitely the most fun. More

Jeni Britton Bauer's Crème Sans Lait

Emma Kobolakis 7 comments

Behold, a totally vegan, totally delicious vanilla ice cream, courtesy of Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Desserts. The secret? Pulverized cashews and coconut oil for fatty richness, and tapioca starch for thickness. Try it today. More

Moonshine & Corn Syrup Custard with Pecans Ice Cream

Emma Kobolakis Post a comment

In this recipe from Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Desserts, a super-sweet custard is stirred into a white whiskey-flavored ice cream base and beefed up with salty, toasted pecans. More

Soft and Rich Chocolate Frozen Custard

Scooped Max Falkowitz 2 comments

This recipe makes rich, soft frozen custard like you'll find at Shake Shack, Kopp's, Leon's, and all sorts of custard shops around the South and Midwest. More

Soft and Rich Vanilla Frozen Custard

Scooped Max Falkowitz 3 comments

This recipe makes rich, soft frozen custard like you'll find at Shake Shack, Kopp's, Leon's, and all sorts of custard shops around the South and Midwest. More

Ample Hills' Ooey Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream

Emma Kobolakis 2 comments

With fat pieces of butter-soaked yellow cake in a cream cheese ice cream base, this recipe is easily one of the most decadent offerings at Ample Hills. More

Ample Hills' Stout and Pretzels Ice Cream

Emma Kobolakis 3 comments

Chocolate and pretzels aren't a groundbreaking combination. Neither are pretzels and beer. But chocolate, pretzels and beer? Yes, please. Do yourself a favor and whip this one up if you want rich, chocolate-and-beer-y ice cream with the salty crunch of pretzels. More

Ample Hills' Sweet as Honey Ice Cream

Emma Kobolakis 2 comments

Sometimes simplest really is best: sweet cream ice cream bulked up with fresh bits of chopped honeycomb candy. It's a strong hit of caramel flavor, with the delicate sweetness of cold, fresh cream. More

Ample Hills' PB&J Ice Cream

Emma Kobolakis 5 comments

Peanut butter and jelly is a classic combination, but it's the way these flavors come together in this ice cream that makes it great. First, a fat scoop of PB is stirred into a sweet cream ice cream base, then, just before serving, spoonfuls of jelly are folded into the finished product. It keeps the flavors separate, letting them, quite literally, melt in your mouth. More

Sprinkles Ice Cream

Scooped Max Falkowitz 3 comments

Most sprinkles ice creams just add colored sprinkles to a plain, unflavored sweet cream base. That's pretty boring. This recipe uses candy-colored, delightfully artificially flavored cereal (Fruity Pebbles, specifically, but Trix and Froot Loops would work well) to make something that's far more fun and deserving of the sprinkles that go into it. More

Model Bakery's Bear Claws

Emma Kobolakis 3 comments

A base of croissant dough is filled with coconut, almonds, and cake crumbs, then garnished with more sliced almonds. It's an impressive-looking pastry that really isn't that hard to master. More

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