Amatriciana Burgers With Tomato-Onion Jam, Bacon, and Pecorino Romano Crisps

Daniel Gritzer Post a comment

Inspired by the famous Roman amatriciana sauce, a 6-ounce juicy patty of beef is topped with a spicy tomato-onion jam, crisped bacon, and a Pecorino Romano cheese crisp. More

Grilling: Green Chile Turkey Burgers

Grilling Joshua Bousel 6 comments

The ground turkey is mixed with green chiles, cilantro, garlic, chili powder, cumin, Worcestershire, and oregano. This combo works incredibly well, giving the burgers an earthiness paired with a nice fruity heat throughout. Alone they're just fine and dandy, but a little pepper jack and extra green chiles on top go a long way. More

Cook the Book: Family Meal Cheeseburgers

Caroline Russock 5 comments

There's something that makes us smile about Ferran Adrià and his staff sitting down to a pre-service family meal of Cheeseburgers and potato chips before opening the doors of elBulli for the evening. These simple burgers adapted from The Family Meal seem to be the polar opposite of what Adrià and company were putting out at elBulli. More

Bread Baking: Light Rye Burger Buns

dbcurrie 12 comments

Years ago, we used to go to a restaurant that was famous for its burgers. The buns had just a touch of rye in them. Not a lot—most people couldn't even figure out what was different about them. Just that they were different. But of course, bread geek that I was, I knew the secret. More

Dinner Tonight: Lamb Burgers with Red Onion Relish

Dinner Tonight Blake Royer 4 comments

Even the most ardent burger purists, in my experience, will acquiesce once in a while to a lamb burger. Though beef accented with nothing but a little salt and pepper will always be king, there is something about the gamy richness of a lamb burger that is impossible to dislike. While turkey burgers and other healthy alternatives tend to pale in comparison, lamb actually holds its own. More

Cook the Book: Paddington Burgers

Caroline Russock 12 comments

These Paddington Burgers from Dinah Buchholz's The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook might just be the ideal back to school shopping meal. You see, these were the burgers that Harry and Hagrid sat down to after an exhaustive day of shopping for Hogwarts school supplies, a list that included such varied items as one cauldron (pewter, standard size 2), three sets of plain black work robes, and a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander, all purchased on Diagon Alley. More

Cook the Book: Japanese Burgers with Wasabi Ketchup 

Grilling Caroline Russock 7 comments

Okay, so these Japanese Burgers from The Japanese Grill by Harris Salat and Tadashi Ono aren't your typical backyard cookout fare, but man, are they good. They're little patties of soy spiked beef and pork, topped with spicy-sweet wasabi ketchup, served on a grilled rice "bun." More

Yellow Mustard

Sauced Joshua Bousel 42 comments

What's ketchup without mustard? It seemed only right that yellow mustard followed ketchup at the start of our new Sauced column. Unlike ketchup, which required some tweaking to get right, the first recipe I tried for French's copycat yellow mustard was a hit. More

Katie Lee's Logan County Hamburgers

Caroline Russock 13 comments

These seasoned patties sandwiched between slices of white bread and American cheese come from a recipe that food personality Katie Lee's West Virginian grandmother created. The thinness of the patties comes from Lee's grandmother's Depression-era mentality but the eggs, garlic powder, and onions give them both bulk and flavor. More

Homemade Ketchup

Sauced Joshua Bousel 59 comments

Heinz has totally spoiled me. When Erin asked if I'd be interested in starting up this new "Sauced" column, I started racking my brain about what condiment to tackle first. I could think of nothing more fitting, more ubiquitous, than ketchup. You hardly ever stop to think about what goes into making ketchup. Usually, a bottle of Heinz is just hanging out in the fridge and, well, it tastes exactly the way it should. Is it even work making a version from scratch? More

Cook the Book: Ultimate Sriracha Burger 

Caroline Russock 16 comments

The Ultimate Sriracha Burger from The Sriracha Cookbook is a mouthful. It begins with a grilled patty infused with Sriracha and soy, and is topped with a towering pile of bacon caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, tomato, arugula, bacon, and an improbably delicious blue cheese-Sriracha dressing. More

Dinner Tonight: Grahamburger

Dinner Tonight Blake Royer 3 comments

This burger, a mix of ground sirloin and pork, is topped with tangy brie, some quick-pickled red onion, and peppery watercress. It actually works. The pork gives it a roundness that burgers don't usually have, and the toppings work together in a way that they should when a four-star chef chooses them. More

The Secret Ingredient (Chorizo): Chorizo Burgers with Manchego and Paprika Slaw

Grilling Kerry Saretsky 3 comments

A Mexican-Spanish inspired cheeseburger of beef and fresh chorizo, melted Manchego, and a smoked paprika slaw. Perfect for late summer grilling: unusual, but still comfort food. More

Cook the Book: The Prez Obama Burger

Caroline Russock 16 comments

The year that Spike Mendelsohn opened Good Stuff Eatery in D.C. just happened to coincide with a pretty exciting presidential election. Spike decided to hold his own race to the White House pitting the Obama burger against the McCain burger. The Obama burger ended up beating out the McCain burger four to one. Politics aside, I'm pretty sure the toppings were the ultimate deciding factors in this burger race. More

Cook the Book: Village Fries

Caroline Russock 8 comments

In The Good Stuff Cookbook Spike explains that he uses Red Bliss potatoes for a few reasons: Their thin skin is edible and does not need to be peeled, they cook faster, and their flavor is sweeter than the traditional Russets. Still a bit skeptical, I heated up a big pot of oil and started slicing my potatoes into fries. More

Cook the Book: Farmhouse Bacon Cheeseburgers

Caroline Russock 6 comments

Spike Mendelsohn's Farmhouse Bacon Cheeseburgers from The Good Stuff Cookbook possess all of the elements of my holy grail burger— thin patty, squishy potato bun, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion, and a secret sauce, oh, and bacon. Spike's concept throughout the book is to keep it simple. And I went into the kitchen with fingers crossed, hoping that not over-thinking it would lead better burgers. More

Cook the Book: Tortaburgers

Caroline Russock 6 comments

These Tortaburgers topped with cheese, avocado, jalapeño, and a spread of refried beans from The Tex-Mex Grill and Backyard Barbacoa Cookbook by Robb Walsh seem like something I should have ordered at my local panderia a long time ago. More

Bread Baking: Light Rye Buns

dbcurrie 10 comments

Rye buns must not be popular, given that I've never seen them sold anywhere. But why not? Besides using them for burgers, buns are great for sandwiches of all types. And a little bit of rye makes them a lot more interesting. More

Cook the Book: Tarpon Springs Greek Burgers

Caroline Russock 8 comments

Although these Tarpon Springs Greek Burgers from Pig: King of the Southern Table by James Villas have their roots in Greek flavors and culinary traditions, the evolution of the recipe is truly American in nature. Originally served in diners in Tarpon Springs, a town on the west coast of Florida, the Greek proprietors surely would have preferred to make these patties with lamb. But in the South, pork was plentiful and inexpensive and so the Greek pork burgers were born. More

Asian Turkey Burger with Sriracha Mayo: A Turkey Burger That Doesn't Suck

Joshua Bousel 14 comments

Why would you want dry, tasteless turkey burgers when their excellent beef counterpart is available? This Asian turkey burger answers that question—juicy and full of flavor, this one's in its own little tasty burger world. More

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