August 4, 2013 – August 10, 2013

Double Stacked Crab Cake Sandwiches with Avocado and Bacon

In my opinion, crab cakes are a welcome addition to any brunch table. And while a jumbo lump crab cake is a wonderful treat, this version loosens up the mix; the thinner cake is perfect for a lighter, but no less impressive-looking, breakfast sandwich. Some added layers of avocado and crisp bacon balance the tender and meaty cakes with creaminess and crunch. More

Stuffed Mirliton from 'Treme'

Before opening up the new Treme cookbook, I couldn't pick out a mirliton if it was thrown in my face. But the squash, originally native to the region, appears so frequently in Treme, I now consider myself a relative expert. I had, as it turns out, known the squash by its other name, chayote, and it appears on Latin American menus just as frequently as the traditional Louisiana ones. More

Creole Succotash from 'Treme'

The succotash I grew up eating was a simple side dish of lima beans, corn, onion, black pepper, and a big hunk of butter. But despite my familiarity with the basic version, I am open to different interpretations of the dish (as long as it still contains butter, corn, and limas, of course). This creole succotash from the Treme cookbook is kind of like a tricked out version of the classic. In addition to the requisite vegetables, you'll find okra, celery, bell pepper, shrimp, and two kinds of pork. More

Shrimp and Grits Tacos

I know this dish sounds like a joke, but before you dismiss it right away, let me try and convince you. This is actually a riff on a kale and grit taco I had recently at Bullhead Cantina in Chicago. While the greens were great, the whole time I wanted to know how shrimp would perform. More