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Modern Gomme Syrup

[Photo: Jessica Leibowitz]

Gomme syrup is a classic cocktail ingredient used instead of simple syrup to give drinks a light froth and velvety mouthfeel. In this updated version, I cut down the gum arabic proportion to make the recipe a little cheaper for the home bartender.

Notes: Powdered egg white is also sold as albumin powder. Feel free to substitute in one egg white (removing 20 milliliters of water) for the egg white powder. While you could design this recipe to be completely devoid of gum arabic, I leave some in because gum arabic has a unique and pleasant flavor. Measuring 0.24 g of xanthan is obviously kind of annoying. The best thing to do is use just less than a 1/8 tsp measure, make the syrup, then add more if you want it thicker. Xanthan dissolves readily at room temperature with minimal clumps.

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