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Grilled Squash and Sausages with Sauce Verte from 'Kitchen Garden Cookbook'

[Photograph: Ray Kachatorian]

The slew of herbs in Jeanne Kelly's sauce verte were perfect for making use of my small garden's bumper crop. Laced with salty capers, spicy dijon, and pungent raw garlic, this thick green sauce from her new Kitchen Garden Cookbook is a potent twist on my standard pesto-heavy repertoire. Tossed with grill-kissed squash and smeared on charred spicy sausages, it helped make an early summer dinner even better.

Why I picked this recipe: I'm always looking for creative ways to incorporate more of my gardens' herbs into each and every meal.

What worked: Sweet, mild summer squash was a perfect match for the sauce verte. Adding grilled sausages was a great way to round things out into an easy full meal.

What didn't: Not a misstep in sight.

Suggested tweaks: I used a variety of small local squashes here, and the key to even cooking (as usual) was to slice them into relatively even pieces. Long, thin slices work best on the grill. If sausages aren't your thing, you could grill just about any protein here, or even skip it altogether and serve the squash with good crusty bread and a nice log of chèvre.

Reprinted with permission from Kitchen Garden Cookbook: Celebrating the homegrown and homemade by Jeanne Kelly. Copyright 2013. Published by Weldon Owen. All rights reserved. Available wherever books are sold.

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