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The Dark Knight Cake (Triple Chocolate Layer Cake)

[Photograph: @sstiavetti]

I've dubbed this gorgeously rich, moist cake The Dark Knight, as it's a tall, glowering tower of chocolate intensity. A generous blast of dark roast coffee and a touch of milk makes for a gently bitter tone, while a smidge of cayenne adds mystique without turning up the heat. Packed with dates for extra tenderness, it's nearly impossible to ruin this cake unless you a seriously over bake it, or a) overmix it. Be watchful when baking and mixing, and you're sure to have a masterpiece on your hands.

This recipe calls for a helping of chocolate buttercream and another helping of chocolate ganache. I've linked to these recipes in the ingredients list. Feel free to make the icings the day before and keep them in the refrigerator, allowing them to come fully to room temperature before constructing the finished cake.

About the author: Stephanie Stiavetti is a writer and cookbook author in San Francisco. Stephanie's cookbook, Melt: the Art of Macaroni and Cheese, celebrates America's favorite dish by recreating it with small production, specialty cheeses. Her food blog, The Culinary Life, is a repository for all things comfort food related, from savory dinners to transcendental desserts.

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