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Make-Ahead Turmeric Mushroom Stir-Fry with Herbs and Vermicelli

[Photograph: Suzanne Lehrer]

Inspired by the multifaceted colors and flavors of Vietnamese stir-fries, these mushrooms take on warm notes from turmeric, acidity from vinegar and lime, and sweet freshness from scallions and heaps of dill. The vermicelli noodles here are more utilitarian than star feature; they're meant to soak up any flavors, juices—and colors—from the stir-fry, and they'll give your lunch some starchy heartiness as well. When left to sit overnight, the noodles really soak in the turmeric, vinegar and lime, making them more exciting than they were the night before.

One of the more surprising, delightful things to find in a Vietnamese dish is copious amounts of lime. Not just a faint dusting of zest, but a bold sprinkling of minced lime rind, which I've added here. It ends up being a huge bonus when it lands on your fork, but not at all overwhelming or bitter when combined with the ranges of tastes that go with it.

This dish is mostly inspired by the flavors of cha ca la vong, a Vietnamese fish fry. If you enjoy the flavor profile, try this dish with a white-flesh fish (and dig in immediately).

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