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Strawberry Thyme Tart with Mint Glaze

[Photograph: Sarah Baird]

A free-form strawberry tart flavored with thyme and drizzeled with a mint syrup.

Note: The key to success with this tart is a counter-intuitive one: do not use strawberries that are at their ripest. These strawberries contain more water than is necessary for the tart, and will leave you with a soggy bottom crust. Instead, use still firm strawberries, which will soften during baking.

About the author: Sarah Baird is a writer, editor, and petit four aficionado living in New Orleans, Louisiana. She likes planning elaborate dinner parties surrounded by her collection of dwarf citrus trees. You can read her latest musings and about her various misadventures on her website: or follow her on Twitter: @scbaird.

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