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Rouge Tomate's Red Tornado

[Photograph: Linda Xiao]

Even if you're not so big on beets, chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised by this delicious mix of pomegranate, citrus, and beet juice.

At Rouge Tomate in New York City, everything is juiced fresh—including pomegranate seeds. We'll forgive you for using bottled pomegranate juice instead.

Note: If your beet is very ripe and sweet, you may want to use less agave syrup. Your soda siphon can be filled with extra pomegranate reduction to use for several cocktails. At Rouge Tomate, they usually fill their soda siphon with 2 cups of pomegranate reduction (made from one quart of pomegranate juice), which will yield about 15 ounces of foam.

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