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DIY Grape Soda

[Photograph: Marcia Simmons]

Grape soda should taste like real grapes, and not like purple syrup. You can use all-natural ingredients and still get a soda that's bold in both color and flavor. This recipe was inspired by one that appeared in Saveur.

Notes: You can juice Concord grapes for this recipe or buy 100% pure Concord grape juice. If you'd like to use sugar instead of agave nectar, use half as much by volume. If using an alternative sweetener such as stevia, consult the packaging to see how much to use, as it varies based on whether the sweetener is liquid, powdered, or mixed with other ingredients. Champagne yeast (also called Prise de Mousse) can be found in most brew shops. You can order it online from The Beverage People. A 10 gram vial is enough to make gallons of soda.

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