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Chicken-Green Bean Yellow Chili Stir-Fry

[Photographs: Leela Punyaratabandhu]

Note: Yellow chilies (which are actually orange in color) have a unique taste which is different from that of red and green chilies. If you can't find yellow chilies, use red jalapenos or Serrano.

I insist on pounding/crushing the chilies instead of simply chopping them up. The pounding causes the pulp of the chilies to release its juice -- something chopping does not do a good enough job of, in my opinion. This may seem an insignificant factor, but it makes a discernible difference.

Those with lower heat tolerance, split the peppers in half and remove all of the veins and seeds before crushing them. That way, you get the flavor and color of the peppers while keeping the heat level low. I do not recommend yellow or red bell peppers in this recipe as they would completely change the way it is supposed to taste.

Long beans (aka snake or yard-long beans) found at most Asian grocery stores in the States are often of lower quality, i.e. limp, thin, and rubbery as opposed to plump, crisp, and snappy as they should be. In this case, it's better to use good-quality green beans which you find at every supermarket. Simply prepare them the same way.

About the author: Leela is the author of the Thai food blog You can follow her at @shesimmers

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