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Kumquat Tart

[Photograph: Anna Markow]

Everyone's had a lemon tart or lemon bars, so why not kumquat? I couldn't resist creating a dessert that used the mighty kumquat as the focal point.

Wondering how to zest and juice all those little buggers? This is the best part: you don't have to! Just dump them in the blender and you're good!

When I served the tart, I spread the crust with a thin layer of handmade kumquat marmalade. You can omit it, or use any complimentary flavor of jam or marmalade. In this case I used the last bit of a sour orange marmalade I made last month. If you want things a little sweeter, strawberry goes beautifully with kumquat.

Another thing I did at the restaurant to add textural contrast was to sprinkle each slice with sugar and brulee it. However, I don't have a torch at home and the curd would likely melt under a broiler. If you really want to add a nice crunch without the burning, fold a small handful of poppy seeds into the curd post-straining.

Note: You can easily convert this recipe into bars by doubling it, pressing the crust into a 9- by 13-inch cake pan right after mixing while it's still soft.

About the Author: Anna Markow is a pastry chef obsessed with doing things that no one else does and giving unusual ingredients their time to shine. You can follow her sometimes-pastry-related thoughts on Twitter @VerySmallAnna and see her adventures in creativity on her website, VerySmallAnna.

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