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DIY Grape-Nuts Cereal

[Photographs: Molly Sheridan]

Some recipes indicate using the shredding attachment on a food processor to create the morsels of cereal, but in my machine this reduced them to the consistency of sawdust. Instead, I work in four or five small batches and, using a traditional blade, simply pulse the cake in the food processor until the bits are the desired size.

Note: Much of this recipe's flavor relies on the flour you're using, so select with care. I decided to go with a coarser graham flour grind. Depending on what's available in your area, you could also use a more traditional whole wheat flour or supplement AP flour with appropriate proportions of wheat bran and wheat germ.

About the author: Molly Sheridan feels about mason jars the way most women feel about shoes. A music journalist by day, she traces her love of weekend DIY kitchen projects back to the science experiments she ran with her dad as a kid. She is the author of Wonderland Kitchen and tweetledees @WonderlandK.

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