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Chocolate Kix Toffee Bark

[Photograph: Pam Parrella]

Note: Using semi-sweet chocolate chips makes this recipe super easy, but if you're a diehard dark chocolate fan you can further choco-fy this is a recipe by splurging on 10 ounces of quality dark chocolate (70% cacao or higher) and chopping it into chocolate chip-sized pieces then following the instructions below. If you're made Chocolate Crack before, you'll notice that round Kix are a lot harder to corral and keep in tidy order than nice, square saltine crackers. Pour out Kix in the pan in a single layer, clustering the cereal together as tightly as possible (this will fill half a large sheet pan). The butter/sugar mixture is very sticky, as might be expected, so I suggest drizzling the mixture as best you can to cover all the cereal and using a spatula to spread it out as needed. If your pouring hand gets too heavy, you can use the spatula to mix any uncoated Kix with the heavily coated ones, just be sure to spread coated Kix out into a single layer before baking.

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