October 28, 2012 – November 3, 2012

'True Blood's' Gumbo Ya Ya

Gumbo makes many appearances in True Blood, so it's no surprise that the recipe is featured in the True Blood cookbook. A rich and nourishing stew, this gumbo recipe makes a pot filled to the brim with chicken, sausage, peppers, and unctuous, meaty gravy. As many of the other recipes in this book, the Gumbo Ya Ya is fairly simple, but its well-developed flavors more than make up for its short ingredient list. The only drawback to this streamlined gumbo is that I have a feeling the big pot of stew Lafayette regularly stirs on the show is filled with much more than chicken, sausage, and roux. More

Ruby Jean's Hash from 'True Blood'

There are plenty of breakfast and brunch recipes in the True Blood cookbook—perhaps from all of the late nights spent running from evil vampires, witches, and the occasional possessed doll. Ruby Jean's Hash stands out as a simple yet soul-satisfying take on a morning-after meal. Andouille sausage peppers this hash of potatoes, onions, and green peppers, and the whole mess is adorned with a voluptuous poached egg. More

Basic Huevos Rancheros

Huevos rancheros—ranch-style eggs—are one of Mexico's most instantly recognizable breakfast dishes: a pair of fried eggs topped with a thick layer of spicy tomato sauce. It sounds rather simple, and it is. However, as with all recipes made with only a handful of ingredients, the treatment of each one is important. More

'True Blood's' Holy Hoecakes

Hoecakes--aka corn pone, johnny cakes, or cornmeal pancakes--are a fairly common sight at brunch tables in the South, but are perhaps less known above the Mason-Dixon line. In their most basic form, a hoecake is simply a mixture of batter of cornmeal, water, and salt fried in lard or rendered bacon fat. (Other more modern recipes add flour, eggs, or whole corn to the batter.) The Holy Hoecakes in the True Blood cookbook fully embrace the simplicity of the original, adorning the cakes only with a (generous) drizzle of maple syrup. While as basic as you get, the crisp, porky outsides and soft, creamy insides make for hoecakes more than the sum of their parts. More

Revueltos (Creamy Spanish-Style Scrambled Eggs)

I come to you today with the perfect solution to the leftover cooked veggies conundrum: revueltos. Sounds fancy, right? But they're not. Revueltos are simply creamy, barely-set Spanish-style scrambled eggs that are cooked in a warm (not hot) pan with a) good-quality olive oil; b) tons of garlic; and c) pretty much any neutrally-flavored leftovers you've got. After cooking the eggs slowly, scraping the pan constantly to break up the curds that form, you'll be left with with custardy eggs that have a velvety, super-soft texture. More

Mole Poblano

The range and depth of this Mexican chili and chocolate sauce is nothing short of spectacular, leaving no doubt where the full day of time spent in the kitchen making it went. More

'True Blood's Beautifully Broken Bisque

Russell Edgington was (or is? Did Bill and Eric finally vanquish him?) one of my favorite characters in True Blood. Ruthless, power-hungry, and just straight-up creepy, he made for much more entertaining watching than waffling Bill or helpless Sookie. In true Russell fashion, the Beautifully Broken Bisque in the True Blood cookbook (attributed to the vampire king) is gruesomely reminiscent of deeply red coagulating blood--perfect for a cool Halloween evening. More

Napoleon's Loss from 1534

An allusion to the former French empire's withdrawal from Mexico and all its agave splendor, Napoleon's Loss is your gain in this cocktail from New York's 1534: tequila, lemon and ginger-agave syrup with a little mezcal on top. More

Mega Fun-Size Bar

I had the most incredible idea to make the tiny bars more fun: I'd melt together about 100 of the mini bars to form a monstrous Mega Fun-Size Bar! Now that sounds like fun. More