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Susan Feniger's Sesame Crusted Banana Fritters with Coconut Kaya Jam


Sesame-Crusted Banana Fritters with Coconut Kaya Jam. [Photograph: Jennifer May]

Susan Feniger's Coconut Kaya Jam (a pudding-like mixture of rich coconut milk; grassy, vanilla-like pandan leaves, sugar, and eggs) is familiar to anyone with a Top Chef addiction. Who could forget Gail Simmons' proclamation that she'd "love to be sticking [her] finger in [it] at all hours of the day"? In Street Food, Feniger pairs the jam with tempura-coated baby banana fritters, making for an addictively sweet and sticky dessert.

Reprinted with permission from Susan Feniger's Street Food by Susan Feniger. Copyright 2012. Published by Clarkston Potter. Available wherever books are sold. All rights reserved.

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