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The Country Cooking of Italy's Grilled Chicken Livers with Lemon Sauce

[Photograph: Melissa Hamilton and Christopher Hirsheimer]

Converting the liver averse is no easy task but Colman Andrews claims that these Grilled Chicken Livers with Lemon Sauce from The Country Cooking of Italy, a dish typical of Lazio, have done exactly that.

The key to this recipe is not overdoing the grill time, making sure the livers have a chance to char on the outside, taking in all of the great smoke from the grill, while remaining supple and pink within.

What Worked: A few short moments on the grill yields tender livers, charred on the outside and pink within. And a the light lemon butter is the perfect compliment to the ironiness of the grilled lovers.

What Didn't: All set here, no complaints, that is, if you like liver.

Suggested Tweaks: Feel free to switch up the parsley for another herb you might have on had. We're liking the possibility of rosemary with these grilled chicken livers.

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