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One-Pot Sausages and Lentils with Sweet Roasted Shallots

[Photograph: Kerry Saretsky]

A one-pot, half-hour version of a veritable French classic: sausages and lentils. I roast Toulouse sausages—full of smoky bacon, red wine, and garlic—with slivered shallots in olive oil in the oven until everything is crisp, and sweetly blistered. Then, a slug of wine, some good organic canned du Puy lentils, and a pinch of herbes de Provence turns the deep, sweet, meaty flavors into a hearty peasant-style almost-stew. With a punchy green salad to go alongside, this dinner can do anything from satisfying a starving fiancĂ© (welcome to my world!) to entertaining some fabulous dinner guests (my dream world). Bon app!

About the author: Kerry Saretsky is the creator of French Revolution Food, where she reinvents her family's classic French recipes in a fresh, chic, modern way.

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