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DIY Grenadine

Grenadine is a pomegranate syrup—or that's what it's supposed to be. But a lot of us think of grenadine as "that sweet stuff that turns drinks red" and avoid it like the technicolor plague. Real grenadine is a bit tart with a depth of flavor you just can't get from corn syrup.

DIY grenadine is as quick to make as simple syrup, and you are in control of how sweet it is. Pomegranate molasses and rosewater add a bit of complexity to the flavor of the final product.

If you are juicing the pomegranate yourself, one pomegranate usually yields about a cup of juice. If you buy the pomegranate juice, make sure to buy 100% pomegranate juice (not from concentrate) rather than a blend of different juices or juice from concentrate. This does make a difference in the depth and brightness of flavor. If you choose to leave the pomegranate molasses out, you'll need to add a bit more sugar.

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