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April Bloomfield's Toasts with Ramp Butter and Fried Quail Eggs

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[Photograph: David Loftus]

These Toasts with Ramp Butter and Fried Quail Eggs from April Bloomfield's A Girl and Her Pig are yet another way to enjoy everyone's favorite fleeting spring vegetable. The butter in this recipe incorporates both the cooked bulb of the ramp and its tender, raw greens into a rich butter dressed up with capers, anchovies, lemon, and chiles.

Served on crusty slices of toast with a crisp-runny quail egg, the butter is downright fantastic. And luckily, this recipe makes enough butter that you'll be incorporating ramp butter into many meals to come.

What Worked: Adding a few anchovies to the oniony ramp butter is a genius move. Upping the umami factor works to up the tasty quotient.

What Didn't: No complaints, especially about the leftover ramp butter in the fridge.

Suggested Tweaks: No quail eggs? No problem; your run of the mill chicken eggs will do just fine. And there's no need to reserve this butter for toast. It also makes for a great pasta sauce or finisher for a grilled steak.

Reprinted with permission from A Girl and Her Pig by April Bloomfield. Copyright © 2012. Published by Ecco. Available wherever books are sold. All rights reserved.

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