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April Bloomfield's Fried Pig's Ear Salad

[Photograph: David Loftus]

What Worked: This salad is all about perfectly balanced contrasts—bitter endive and radicchio dressed with a bracingly tart dressing that cuts through the chewy fattiness of the pig's ear.

What Didn't: If you're big into the nasty bit, this salad is for you. If not, well then you probably weren't going to make it anyway.

Suggested Tweaks: If a whole pig's ear on a plate of greens is a little too much for your delicate sensibilities, try slicing it up before frying for a less graphic presentation.

Reprinted with permission from A Girl and Her Pig by April Bloomfield. Copyright © 2012. Published by Ecco. Available wherever books are sold. All rights reserved.

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