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Capirotada (Bread Pudding with Raisins, Apricots, and Cheese)

[Photograph: Alexandra Penfold]

Capirotada iterations abound. Feel free to omit or use a different type of nuts. Some recipes call for peanuts or walnuts instead of pecans. A little sweet and a little savory, this bread pudding makes a lovely brunch dish or dessert.

Note: Piloncillo is an unrefined cane sugar product that comes in blocks. Check the Latin foods aisle of your supermarket (it can often be found amongst the Goya products). If you can't find it, substitute 1 cup packed dark brown sugar and 1 tablespoon regular molasses.

About the author: Alexandra Penfold is mild-mannered children's book editor by day, food ninja by night. Never one to skip dessert she's the Brownie half of Blondie & Brownie and a Midtown Lunch contributor. You can follow her on Twitter at @blondiebrownie.

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