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Lobster Boil

Quite simply, this is the indoor version of a clambake (without the hot rocks and seaweed). If you can't gain access to a beach and are craving a simple, but special treat, this lobster boil can evoke memories of evening by the ocean in a downtown apartment. The secret to getting everything to cook at the same time is to layer the seafood on top of the potato, corn and sausage. This version uses kielbasa, but a chorizo or even andouille could be a delicious addition to this recipe.

When serving, I split the lobsters and give each person a half. But if it's in your budget and you can find a large enough pot, by all means give everyone their own lobster. A few large shell-on shrimp thrown on top are an excellent addition to this meal as well. Serve with plenty of beer and hot cornbread.

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