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American Amber Ale

[Photo: Peter Reed]

American Amber Ale is darker than a pale ale and lighter than a brown ale or porter. Aim for a nice balance between malt and hops, but don't be afraid to feature a strong hop flavor. Here are the vitals:

Original Gravity: 1.045 to 1.060
Final Gravity: 1.010 to 1.015
ABV: 4.5 to 6.2%
Bitterness: 25 to 40 IBUs
Color: 10 to17 SRM, golden to red to light brown

Note: The recipe below is for extract brewing a 5-gallon batch. For an all-grain alternative, substitute 5.5 pounds 2-row pale lager malt, 2.75 pounds 2-row pale ale malt (such as Golden Promise or Maris Otter), and 14 ounces CaraPils malt for the pale ale LME. You can add the specialty grains to the mash, or steep them as you would for the extract version. Mash in two stages at 131°F for 10 minutes then 154°F for 60 minutes. Sparge and lauter the mash into the kettle on the first wort hops and bring to a boil, add sugar, then proceed to step 3 below.

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