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Pomelo and Basil Cocktail

It seems like every time I go to the grocery store lately I come home with a new citrusy treasure. This past week I was greeted by a pile of big yellow pomelos. If you've never tried a pomelo, look for the big—we're talking six to eight inches around—fruit that resembles a grapefruit. The surprise comes once you cut through it: you'll immediately notice that it has a half-inch thick pithy rind that sets it apart from its tangy cousin. The pomelo's pink flesh holds a sweet-tart juice that's similar to grapefruit but without the bitter edge.

I like to pair pomelo with herbal flavors, especially basil. The slight sweetness of both the pomelo and basil work really well together, but they're both able to hold their own and bring depth to a cocktail. Gin, with its herbal inflections, rounds out the flavor and you're left with light, refreshing cocktail that's sure to leave you feeling good.

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