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Poulet's One-Pot Coconut Chicken over Jasmine Rice

[Photograph: France Ruffenach]

As always with our Cook the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of Poulet to give away this week.

This One-Pot Coconut Chicken over Jasmine Rice from Poulet simmers a whole chicken in a coconut milk with a host of veggies that cook with the chicken, soaking up all of its wonderfully savory flavors. Truly a one-pot meal (if you're not counting the rice), the chicken emerges from the pot incredibly tender and the bok choy, mushrooms, and peppers round out the meal, making for a sauce-veg that's spoon worthy.

Why you should make this: Who doesn't love a one-pot meal, especially when that pot is filled with some super tasty coconut milk braised chicken?

Next time we might think about: Upping the fish sauce quotient for a bit more umami and salt.

This is one of those great recipes that's more of a template than written in stone. The coconut milk braise would work with any other cuts of chicken you have on hand. And when it comes to choosing vegetables feel free to switch it up, carrots, kale, and sweet potatoes would all be quite happy to be worked into this recipe.

Adapted from Poulet by Cree LaFavour. Copyright © 2011. Published by Chronicle Books. Available wherever books are sold. All Rights Reserved

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