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Drinking in Season: Blood Orange Daiquiri

As we glide into to the winter months, seasonal fruit and veggies can seem a little lackluster. However, there is a bright spot during these chilly days as we begin to see winter citrus fruits make their way into markets. Blood oranges, with their lightly blushed skin and deep ruby-hued flesh, are among the first to arrive and make the perfect ingredient for cocktails due to their intense flavor and vivid color.

Looking for a little pick-me-up after the holidays, I decided a daiquiri—which is traditionally made with lime juice, rum and sugar—would be the perfect candidate for a little winter experimentation. The blood orange juice gives the cocktail a lovely red hue and brings a bright flavor to the drink.

Cinnamon is one of my favorite pairings with orange, so I infused the simple syrup with a few cinnamon sticks to provide a little extra warmth. A hint of lime is still needed to balance the sweetness. With the final addition of two ounces of rum, this cocktail will leave you feeling revived and ready to take on winter—especially if there are more of these to look forward to.

About the author: Kelly Carámbula blogs about her adventures in the kitchen, including a weekly happy hour, on eat make read. She is also the founder and publisher of Remedy Quarterly, an independent food magazine.

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