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Homemade McDonald's-Style Eggnog Shake

[Photograph: Sarah Jane Sanders]

Two ounces of Frangelico split four ways isn't enough booze to get the party started, if you know what I mean. At any rate, I didn't include it for for its alcohol, but for its slightly nutty flavor that matches the odd aftertaste found in McDonald's Egg Nog shake. If you don't consume alcohol, replace it with an extra two ounces of milk plus 1/4 teaspoon almond extract; it'll get the job done.

If you do consume alcohol, feel free to mix in a shot or two of your favorite holiday spirit along with the whipped cream at the end. Add it earlier and you'll prevent the shake from thickening in the ice cream maker.

Note: All measurements are in weights, as volume measures can be very imprecise. I strongly recommend using a scale for all pastry projects. Serious Eats' recommended kitchen scale is the Oxo Good Grips Scale with Pull Out Display.

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