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Homemade Animal Crackers

[Photographs: Sarah Jane Sanders]

These taste just like the animal crackers you buy in a vending machine, not the sort that come in an adorable cardboard boxcar. Those are cookies. These? These are decidedly crackers: not too sweet, hyper crisp, and begging for a glass of milk.

If you'd like to make your animals do a trick and stand up like the ones in the photo, make up a little hard caramel and follow the instructions under "making a caramel foot for cookies."

Since they are super dry, the cookies store incredibly well, remaining crisp for ages. They will not likely have a chance to last that long.

Note: All measurements are in weights, as volume measures can be very imprecise. I strongly recommend using a scale for all pastry projects. Serious Eats' recommended kitchen scale is the Oxo Good Grips Scale with Pull Out Display.

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