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Sauced: Tahini Paste

I was never quite happy with the hummus and baba ganoush coming out of my kitchen until I decided to take tahini into my own hands. Making it is actually really simple. I've never looked back to the bottled stuff.

Tahini is a paste of Middle Eastern origin made from grinding sesame seeds and oil together. The common version you'll find at most groceries is made from hulled sesame seeds, which produces a very smooth paste, while at home, unhulled seeds are used, which gives the tahini more texture, and I think delivers a stronger nuttiness that defines the flavor of this sauce.

The final paste has a thick, peanut butter-like consistency and can be used as is, although you're more likely to use it in other sauces and marinades. The homemade tahini will outshine anything you get in stores.

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