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Pear, Pistachio, and Parsnip Soup

Last night I was trying to explain to a friend how much I enjoyed this one recipe from Stephanie Izard's new cookbook, Girl in the Kitchen. Turns out I was preaching the choir, as we had both apparently purchased the book, looked through the whole thing, and decided to try this exact same recipe. Usually I skip over blended soups, but that's mostly because I find they come off as bland and one-dimensional.

But in this case, my only worry was that there'd be too much going on here. Luckily, everything manages to balance out. The sweetness of the pears and parsnips is cut by the wine and pistachios. I'm especially impressed by the one red Thai chile, which doesn't clobber you over the head with spice, but does let itself be known. The recipe takes a little over an hour to prepare, but everything else about this soup is easy. You can use a blender to puree this, but an immersion blender works remarkably well.

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