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The McQueen

[Photos: Alice Gao]

McCarthy affectionately refers to this one as the "Smoky Smoky," although by my count, you could tack on a few more iterations—smoky smoky smoky?

Scotch and Fidencio mezcal blend with dark agave and orange and chocolate bitters, with a spritz of hyper-smoky Ardbeg 10-year, plus a mighty twist of flamed grapefruit. "I wanted take these two amazing terroir-driven spirits and make them work together. Not just, like, kill you." The powerful aroma of burnt grapefruit oils hit you on the nose, but the cocktail is smooth and plenty drinkable, various smoky elements blending rather than overwhelming.

Note: Dark agave syrup is dark agave cut with equal parts hot water, making it easier to work with and mix. For orange bitters, McCarthy uses a combination of Regan's orange bitters #6 ("for depth and body") and West Indian Orange Bitters ("fresh, blossom-y").

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