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Grilling: Cajun Smoked Turkey

Each Thanksgiving I look forward to firing up the smoker and seeing what new turkey creation I can come up with to throw in there. So far I've done well with an apple-brine and honey-brine, but I took things to a whole new level this year with a Cajun-inspired smoked bird.

In lieu of a brine, a spicy butter and beer based liquid was injected all over turkey, which was then coated in a rub and smoked for three hours.

While past birds have had a more subtle flavor, this one came out packing a punch. The injection left the meat juicy and heavily spiced throughout, giving it a heat that was always present, but not so strong that it overwhelmed the light smokiness.The skin was also fantastic—you'll want to eat it by itself.

With such great success—and easier and faster than brining—I've found a new method to keep my turkey experimentation going for years on end. Now if only Thanksgiving happened more often!

About the author: Joshua Bousel brings you new, tasty condiment each Wednesday and a recipe for weekend grilling every Friday. He also writes about grilling and barbecue on his blog The Meatwave whenever he can be pulled away from his grill.

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