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Chicken Salad with Tahini-Yogurt Dressing

Chicken Salad is great and all, but it's definitely been done. You can vary the ingredients a little bit—grapes and slivered almonds is one of my favorites—but the basic chicken + mayo base doesn't change much. And frankly, it gets a little boring.

Which is why this recipe from Patricia Wells is so intriguing. It looks like a regular chicken salad but there's no mayo in sight. The creamy sauce is made from blended tahini (sesame paste often found in hummus) and yogurt. It's therefore much lower in fat but has most of mayo's richness and, I think, a much better flavor.

The recipe (from her recent book Salad as a Meal) keeps things simple with some blanched green beans and slivers of celery, but the sauce is the real story here. You could adapt this in a hundred different ways. I may never go back to mayo again.

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