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Brown Butter and Sage Sweet Potato Casserole

[Photographs: Ryan Jones]

I can not possibly put down enough words of praise of this dish. I won't even try. Instead, I will say this: it is the best thing I have ever made. (And I have made a whole lot of stuff!)

How you prepare the sweet potatoes will depend on available oven/stove space and personal preference. Below you'll find directions for steaming them (if oven space is an issue on Thanksgiving) or if you're lucky enough to have ample room in the oven, simply toss the sweet potatoes with butter, sage, and maple syrup. Bake at 350° until tender. Then proceed with the final step.

The brown butter sage marshmallows won't hold up in the oven like normal marshmallows, so don't stash the marshmallow-topped casserole in the oven to keep warm. Once you've added the marshmallows, you'll have to brown and serve immediately.

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