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Alice Waters' Swiss Chard Gratin

I love sturdy winter greens like kale and chard and look forward to their arrival at the market every single year. I usually do nothing more than saute them with garlic and chile flakes and finish with a squeeze of lemon—the simplicity of that is too appealing to pass up—but you have to actually love the flavor for it to work.

If that's not the case (or maybe you're trying to sneak in some greens for the kids), this recipe from The Art of Simple Food would convert just about anybody to Swiss chard. And while that rule could be applied to most gratins—heavy amounts of cream and cheese works wonders—Waters opts instead for a sprinkle of flour to thicken the base of milk. It keeps the taste clean and light while still bringing that stick-to-the-bones heartiness. I served it with a seared piece of salmon seasoned simply with salt and pepper.

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