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Dinner Tonight: Steak Salad with Balsamic and Wilted Arugula

Arugula, steak, and balsamic vinegar is already a proven combination in Italian cooking: the famous Florentine steak, thick and slow-grilled then glossed with olive oil, is often served with a side of arugula and balsamic. The peppery bite is perfect against the richness of the beef, while the balsamic adds complex sweetness. It's the reason the flavors in this salad work so well together.

But here, instead of a pricey, thick-cut steak, this trattoria classic uses little"rags" of beef (making it a much more economical meal), which are quick-sauteed, their residual heat wilting the arugula just enough to take away some of its raw bite. I found the recipe on Apartment Therapy from an old contribution by SE's own Maggie Hoffman; she adds mushrooms and calls it an Italian version of stir-fry.

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