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Dinner Tonight: Spaghetti with Late Summer Tomatoes

If you head to a farmers' market right about now, chances are you can pick up a payload of tomatoes for not too much money. And while they're definitely cheap, this late in the season can sometimes mean they're not as perfect as, say, a specimen from mid-August. It's not that flavor isn't great (it is) but what seems to sometimes suffer from is imperfect texture, tending towards mealy.

Which is why this recipe is perfect for this time of year: it takes advantage of the plentiful and cheap late-season fresh tomatoes, but cooks them down into a sauce where texture is no longer an issue.

Rather than starting with sautéed onion and garlic, they are both added in later on, simmered into the tomatoes to perfume everything. This way, they don't turn as sweet, which makes the sauce's flavor seem fresh and less cooked-down. It's a phenomenal, simple way to enjoy the dwindling fruits of the season.

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