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Cook the Book: Ribollita "Da Delfina"

[Photograph: Sara Remington]

While the big, beefy steaks and cellared Brunellos are some of Tuscany's flashier offerings, the region is also home to a homier dish, Ribollita, a filling bowl of minestrone thickened with day-old bread. When Nancy Silverton decided to adapt this wintry soup for The Mozza Cookbook she looked to the restaurant Da Delfina, where they do ribollita a little different, transforming it from soup to a crunchy soup-based fritter.

The recipe begins by making a wonderful cold-weather minestrone with rutabaga, butternut squash, kale, cabbage, and onions flavored with Parmigiano rinds (a secret ingredient that should be making its way into most soups). While you could stop right here and have a gorgeous bowl of minestrone, this is the integral step in the recipe where the soup goes from liquid to fritter.

First the thickened soup is formed into patties which are then baked and pan-fried on the stovetop and finished with a Parmigiano and a drizzle of olive oil. What you're left with are little patties that have all of the cheesy-rich, vegetable qualities of a bowl of minestrone in a crisp little package.

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Adapted from The Mozza Cookbook by Nancy Silverton with Matt Molina and Carolynn Carreño. Copyright © 2011. Published by Alfred A. Knof. Available wherever books are sold. All Rights Reserved

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