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Dinner Tonight: Pork Scaloppine with Lemon, Capers, and Chopped Arugula

Sometimes it's fun to revisit an old classic, especially one that you haven't cooked for years and years. That's basically the story of pork scaloppine and me. It's a dish I thought I liked, but didn't really have any proof to back up. Surely, the quick sauce of capers, lemon, and garlic would make anything taste good. It's not like I was worried about the outcome.

But I was genuinely surprised how quickly and easily this recipe from David Tanis's The Heart of the Artichoke came together.

To speed up the process, the recipe advises cooking the pork in two separate pans; I'd have to agree, as the last thing you want are those thin slices of pork to cool while you cook the next batch. Plus, you need some time to make the sauce. It doesn't look much like a sauce; it's barely even there. But you'll taste it: concentrated and vibrant, it coats the pork pieces, lending them a briny and acidic punch.

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