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Dinner Tonight: Miao Pork with Corn and Chiles

The end of corn season is rapidly approaching, as I found out the hard way while attempting to locate some pristine examples at the local farmers' market. But if you can find enough ears, and I eventually did after some digging, this recipe from Beyond the Great Wall is a fitting way to say goodbye to the summer staple. Pork may be the first ingredient listed, but as you can tell by the picture, corn makes up the bulk of this dish.

The resulting stir-fry is fragrant with garlic and Sichuan peppercorns, slightly sweet from the corn, and just a bit spicy from the chiles. I'd probably be okay with adding a couple more of the cayenne chiles, but a little chili oil added at the end also works. The pork actually gets a little lost in the mix, but it's probably there just to bulk things about a bit. All that's needed with dish is some basic white rice.

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