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Kimchi Fried Rice

I'm already on record as a fried rice fanatic. So, why do I keep writing about it? I just keep finding strange variations which completely change the final product. Even kimchi fried rice, which I've written about twice before, is not immune to this kind of tinkering. Sure, many of the ingredients of this version carry over from the previous two, but the finished dish couldn't look more different.

This version from Bap Story takes a page from bibimbap, serving a whole fried egg on top instead of mixing it in during the cooking process.

But there are other wonderful additions here that bump up the flavor. Butter, an ingredient that I've seen used often on various Korean food blogs, adds a creamy balance to each bite. Scallions are always welcome, but a final sprinkling of crushed seaweed adds an unexpected final flourish to this great variation.

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