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Grilling: Green Chile Turkey Burgers

While I consider myself somewhat of a beef burger purist, when it comes to turkey burgers, I'm strictly no-holds-barred. Turkey burgers are usually bland and dry but I've had great success with Asian turkey burgers.

So I went for a different flavor profile this time around with Southwest-inspired green chili turkey burgers.

The ground turkey is mixed with green chiles, cilantro, garlic, chili powder, cumin, Worcestershire, and oregano. This combo works incredibly well, giving the burgers an earthiness paired with a nice fruity heat throughout.

Alone they're just fine and dandy, but a little pepper jack and extra green chiles on top go a long way to make these really awesome.

About the author: Joshua Bousel brings you new, tasty condiment each Wednesday and a recipe for weekend grilling every Friday. He also writes about grilling and barbecue on his blog The Meatwave whenever he can be pulled away from his grill.

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