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Dinner Tonight: Grilled Sausage Salad with Quick Apple Compote and Watercress

Anyone who has flipped through Patricia Wells's Salad as a Meal knows the dilemma of figuring out which specific recipe to make first. So you can imagine my surprise when my wife selected this one, especially since it features mounds of watercress, loads of mustard, and a pound of sausage.

Though Wells leaves the specific sausage up to you—kielbasa and chorizo are suggested—she really advocates using blood sausage, which, you know, is made with blood. (To my surprise, I was able to easily track some down.)

Don't get too caught up in the blood; it turns this into a balanced, truly astonishing dish. The sausages are broiled quickly then covered with mustard, which helps cut through much of the fat. The apple compote obviously adds some sweetness but some cinnamon and ginger also give it depth. The crunchy, bitter watercress fights valiantly against all of it, making for a stunning and quick dinner.

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