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Drinking in Season: Pumpkin and Apple Cider Cocktail

Apple cider is a fall mainstay for many people—but sometimes you need to jazz that plain cider up a bit. That's where a few of fall's other standout flavors (pumpkin, vanilla and ginger) come in handy.

This cocktail is a slightly more refreshing take on many of the season's spicier cocktails. Apple cider plays the main role, but the addition of pumpkin purée provides a slightly thicker texture and hint of flavor, while fragrant vanilla vodka brings a warm, sweet undertone to the cocktail. A splash of spicy ginger ale livens this cocktail right up.

About the author: Kelly Carámbula blogs about her adventures in the kitchen, including a weekly happy hour, on eat make read. She is also the founder and publisher of Remedy Quarterly, an independent food magazine.

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