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White Negroni

[Photo: Jennifer Hess]

The White Negroni has been a trendy drink lately, showing up on cocktail menus across the country. Many versions call for Suze, a brand of potable bitters from France. Suze is currently unavailable in the States; bartenders who use it are acquiring it abroad and bringing it home...legally or not. Cocktail writer Robert Simonson recently reported, though, that Suze will be available in the U.S starting in 2012.

Other versions call for Bonal Gentiane-Quina. I love Bonal, so I really wanted to try that, but the only store I know of in Providence that carries it sold out before I arrived to purchase a bottle. So this is my recipe for a White Negroni, made with ingredients I had on hand.

I find the Cocchi Americano has a delightful bitter undertone that qualifies this drink as a Negroni variant, but feel free to experiment as you will; if you have access to Suze or Bonal, go to town.

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