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Dinner Tonight: Swiss Chard Frittata

When I made my first decent omelette—sometime just after I'd learned how to turn on a stove and found out what a whisk was—I was blown away by how good it was. It was the first delicious thing I'd ever cooked.

It seems obvious now, but eggs are among the simplest and most versatile things for making dinner, and very hard to mess up. Later I found out if you can make an omelette then you can also also make a frittata. Just mix the filling into the eggs beforehand instead of folding them in after; the result is somehow much fancier.

The ingredients in this one are classic: some cooked-down greens with a little onion and garlic, cubed potato, and shredded cheddar cheese to add a salty tang. I like to use a small pan to make the frittata taller, finishing it in the oven; by the time the center is solid, the sides develop a crusty, caramelized edge. But it can also be spread out in a larger skillet and cooked under a broiler to speed things along.

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