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Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

[Photograph: Sydney Oland]

Editor's note: Each Saturday afternoon we bring you a Sunday Supper recipe. Why on Saturday? So you have time to shop and prepare for tomorrow.

A lovely bone-in prime rib roast makes for an exceptional dinner, but there are many other roasts that make for a perfect Sunday supper without the hefty price tag. When picking out the roast, take a look at the amount of fat present. If you're using a leaner roast (like the petite sirloin) you will end up with little fat in the bottom of your roasting pan with which to make Yorkshire pudding.

Frying a few slices of bacon will give you enough fat to cook your Yorkshires, as well as a well-deserved snack for the cook. A favorite relative of mine (well known for his Yorkshires) uses a few drops of bacon fat for his Yorkshire pudding even when he has enough beef fat. And it has now become the standard operating procedure for me whenever I even think of making Yorkies.

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