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Olive Oil Powder

[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

Tapioca maltodextrin is a slightly sweet modified starch that will thicken and stabilize liquids high in fat. Since it can absorb more than its weight in liquid, it can transform fat into a powdery substance that melts on the tongue. Use olive oil powder in dishes for an extremely rich feel in the mouth, such as on lobster. You can replace the olive oil in this recipe with any flavored oil; nut oils like hazelnut and pistachio come to mind.

You can buy maltodextrin (also called malto and N-Zorbit M) at L'Epicerie.

Update: A reader below reported that the measurements below didn't provide enough maltodextrin to turn the olive oil into powder. There are lots of oil powder recipes out there with significantly different measurements. This one uses relatively little maltodextrin, and while it didn't cause any problem for me, feel free to add more if need be. These oil powders are fairly forgiving and do not suffer much from adding more maltodextrin.

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